18 Sep

An Art of Managing Exam Days: 5 IMPORTANT TIPS


Exam comes with extra pressure and many fails to convert this time into an opportunity. Here are
few important tips which can be used for better performance in exams.

1. Do not study new topic : This is a time to revise what has already been studied. An attempt
to add new knowledge may affect the confidence level adversely.

2. Health Management:  A healthy body produces better results. Take liquids more, light meals
but multiple times, some physical exercise, breathing, sufficient sleep etc.

3. Visualization: Revision if done with visualization gives booster to confidence and result into
more coverage in lesser time.

4. Stay Focused: Do not divert your attention in unwanted stuff like newspaper, gossip,
meeting people, party etc.

5. Readiness for unexpected: Going beyond unexpected is an art like wrong question pick to
start, lengthy paper, out of syllabus questions, some problem at home or in surrounding, any
health issue etc. should be handled with great care and courage along with positive mind.